All the trivia that’s fit to print

There’s a killer trivia quiz on the Washington Post website to commemorate the start of baseball season. It’s by George Will, who sets aside conservative politics on occasion to write about our national pastime. He has compiled 33 tough baseball trivia questions for an interactive quiz.

Try it and score yourself at .

I’m blaming Bobby Dower, the otherwise gentlemanly managing editor of the Lake Charles (La.) American Press and member of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame Committee, for interrupting the lunchtimes and honest working hours of others by dangling this temptation out there today. He found it, got 15 of the 33 questions correct, and shared it.

“I hit .454,” he lamented via email. “Good enough for Cooperstown, but lousy for an old sports writer.” (He did not use the word “lousy.”)

The results trickled in from media colleagues throughout the country who succumbed to the challenge.

Carl Dubois of rang in from Portland, Oregon, with 16 correct answers. “I hit .484,” he said. “Put me in Cooperstown next to Bobby.”

The race for the trivia batting title was on.

I managed to score 24 correct answers — and I only knew the Mel Ott question (there! I spotted you one) because my wife’s grandfather once played semipro ball with him a thousand years ago. That lucked me into a cool .727 average and bragging rights. Briefly.

The house favorite all along was Yancey Roy, bureau chief of the Albany (N.Y.) News Bureau of Newsday. Sure enough, he slid into home with spikes sharpened — winning with 27-for-33, a phenomenal .818 clip. “But there were some pure lucky guesses … and some where I eliminated two answers and guessed between the remaining two,” he said, feigning modesty. 

Take it yourself. How did you score?


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