Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack … on a debit card


Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack …on a debit card

This is the first weekend of Astros baseball, so here’s the off-field info on the food since it doesn’t show up in the box scores.

Above is the standard Star Dog, plain, dressed with mustard at the free fixings wagon, for $4.75. You can upgrade to the Super Star Dog for $6.75. There’s also a Beef Sausage on Bun or Jalapeno Sausage on Bun for $6.75. Add chili or cheese for $1.75 a plop.

A Beef Sausage Combo with a souvenir soda cup is $14.

Just thirsty? Soda is $7.25 in a plastic souvenir cup — and, as they’ll explain to you with pride, the little magic sticker underneath the cup means you get free refills (that day only) — but it would be a feat to drain a cup this size, go get more, and still manage to sit through a ballgame. Soda is $4.25 without the souvenir. A bottle of Dasani water is also $4.25.

Beer? It’s $8.75 in a souvenir cup. Draft is $5 or $7.75 for a large. Domestic can beer is $9.75.

Also, a warning: Roaming the crowds are vendors with oversized snow cones. These $5 treats are done up in the loud colors of the Astros’ uniforms of the ’70s — and they’re of same questionable taste. Avoid ’em.



  1. Bobby Dower

    You think the prices might have had something to do with the fans in the background who came disguised as empty seats?

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