Meanwhile, over in the National League

Meanwhile, over in the National League

O&BB follower Greg Stratton was texted this photo from his brother Gary, who is in Chicago for a work-related conference — and who had time to squeeze in a ballgame Tuesday night at Wrigley Field. He picked the right night to go. The poetic balance of National League baseball — something Astros fans don’t get to see anymore — was on full display that night. Both teams had an equal number of home runs (3 apiece), both teams ended the game with identical season records (10-16) … and both teams sent their pitchers up to hit. The Padres beat the Cubs, 13-7 — a pairing of the absolute luckiest and unluckiest numbers around. The score, I mean.



  1. JJP

    Hey Bro – Glad to see your doing this. It is really informative and entertaining. I will be plugged in for the season. Keep up the Great Work on this site as I endure the rebuilding process. I’m five hours away from H town and am relegated to gameday due to television blackouts and no local carrier for the Stros. Lots of Rangers just ain’t the same.

  2. brettdowner

    JJP: You’re not alone in missing the novelty of seeing live, moving images of the Astros this season. The Comcast stalemate has 40 percent (or more, depending on your math) of the Astros’ territory not being able to watch them on TV. That includes whole portions of the Houston suburbs — let alone outposts like Louisiana, which at last check still had fans willing to spend money for tickets and gas (and DirecTV subscriptions) to see the team.

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