Let’s turn two, even if we lose two

One bright spot: The Astros’ defense leads the league in double plays, with 40.

That’s far more than the number of runs the Tigers scored against them in tonight’s game (17). So there’s that.

The Astros now stand at 8-23 on the season. That’s a winning percentage of .250. For the morbidly fascinated, that projects to a season total of 41 wins (rounded up) and 121 losses, which would just edge out the loss total of Marv Throneberry’s 1962 Mets.



  1. Tom Munger

    Marvelous Marv! As first baseman for the Mets, he “got his first chance as a regular, and he responded by hitting .244 with 16 home runs and 49 RBI. However, he committed 17 errors at first base and his fielding percentage of .981 would not be equaled by a major-league regular first baseman until César Cedeño fielded .981 in 1979 for the [wait for it] Astros.” (Wikipedia)

  2. brettdowner

    Great stat about Cedeno, Tom. According to the Baseball Reference website, first base was the Astros’ apparent Timeout Corner for six years. After Cedeno — a 10-time Gold Glove centerfielder! — was parked there, the punishment was assigned to Art Howe, who was a converted second baseman; Cedeno again, because some people never learn; Enos Cabell, a converted third baseman; and Ray Knight, another converted third baseman. None of them hit more than 10 home runs — astoundingly low for a power-hitting position, even by Astrodome standards. Even Marvelous Marv managed 17 homers — but he was too old by then.

    • Tom Munger

      Any time, Brett! I was a big Mets fan in those days. I didn’t like the Yankees then because Pee Wee Reese was my hero–he was the play-by-play man on CBS with Dizzy Dean in those days. So when they were formed, I followed Dodger (and Giant) fans to the Mets.

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