In which the Astros try to get Mike Scioscia fired

Angels owner Arte Moreno is a bazillionaire. I looked it up. That’s why he can afford Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton and Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio all on the same team this year.

Moreno has manager Mike Scioscia signed all the way through 2018. But because he’s a bazillionaire, it’s only money — and that’s why he can fire Scioscia right now because of the Angels’ hapless 11-22 start this season, capped by tonight’s series loss to the not-so-hapless Astros. (And with 10 wins, thrifty Houston has scratched out a similar victory total at a fraction of Arte’s hearty payroll.)

The Astros are supposed to slump their shoulders and surrender their lunch money when Pujols comes to the plate when the game’s on the line — as El Damn Hombre did in the ninth inning tonight. Instead, the ‘Stros limited him to a single, turned a double play to preserve the victory, and then kissed their fingertips and pointed heavenward to Brad Lidge.

Two straight losses by the Angels to the Houston Astros. Two more grains of sand through the hourglass before Mike Scioscia is promoted upstairs as a special assistant.

For all the talk of how the American League West would feast on the Astros, it’s fun to see the new kids causing some heartburn.


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