Rotation, rotation, rotation

Philip Humber (0-7, 8.82) has been sent to the bullpen. He’s out of the starting rotation after Sunday’s loss to Detroit — a game in which Justin Verlander flirted with a no-hitter.

Dallas Keuchel (0-1, 4.96) will take his spot for Friday’s game against the Rangers. In Keuchel, you’re getting a more likely peek at the Astros’ future. You’re also more likely to hear the enemy announcers start pronouncing him name right: It rhymes with “Michael,” guys, not “Puke-uhl.”

Returning to the rotation, at least for a start Saturday, will be Erik Bedard — who had already been sent to the pen after going 0-2, 7.36.

Look past Bedard’s stats — even if it takes a gulp — and there’s a good reason to give him another shot. He has been effective in long relief, as early as Opening Day and as recently as this past weekend. As a starter, Bedard has had trouble making it to the fifth inning, sure — but that doesn’t distinguish him from much of the staff of late.


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